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existing influence may serve to continue it indefinitely.

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and some of that which is quite recent, is comparable to

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appeared of a greenish blue, whereas that of the living

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hand, during the uncomfortable warmth of midsummer, ven-

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tific investigation of disease. In order to further this

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tend to assume the position in which they are placed, but slowly

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now beginning to shrivel and crack. Exposures were discon-


marked. The splenic veins are engorged with blood containing pigment

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progression over the course of several weeks. If it abuts the

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periosteum, and, finally, the bones become affected. Faulty shoe-

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has grown out of the practice of simply rubbing the skin. It

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(Archives Oinirales de Midecine, Janvier et Avril, 1873; Oaxette

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of a slight trace of albumen, but really the indication of it was

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of an inch to the outer side of the nipple line. There had been

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progression over the course of several weeks. If it abuts the

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built up and of which it has been in charge for so many years,

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Now we part, each to go her own way. Whatever the future may bring, may every

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loss of men, due to the fact they present a larger target.

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great uncertainty ; for it is not easy to say whether

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TABLE 1. — Measurements of One Pair of Areolae by Thirty-Five Persons

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physiological effects of the drug, and with reference

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