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his own team or teams, is not required to notify the veterinary surgeon or await

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the afferent and eff'erent nerves in the bronchial walls, and

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In the figure which represents the roof under considera-

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tures. The treatment suggested by Dr. Berlin is the only rational

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the patient seemed to be recovering, but on the fifth

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the peroneus brevis a bursa is found. One important bursa is found

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were, it will be remembered, previously limited to the middle and

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primitive economic instinct to preserve the health and vigor of the bread

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book on human anatomy issued from the pen of a king. Anatomy

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It is not only readily digestible itself, but it actually

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Much error of opinion has, till recently, existed in our profession

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name of typhoidette. The cases may be divided into two classes, the first

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comparatively insoluble and is not injurious to vegetation

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in it by the study of cross sections, but in longitudinal sections,

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general hospitals, through which the patients subsequently

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researches of M. Vulpian.* This observer excised a portion of the

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sition of rocks containing it.* This corresponds with the

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it is not. Carlsbad is unquestionably a good place for

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notice that in the south of Europe, for instance in Italy,

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the fever of small-fox. He thought that, in these conditions, the

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oriented, and could provide written responses to ques-

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groes resort to the doctor, and the results of disease,

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gonorrheal metritis. Gonorrheal perimetritis is proved ; infection occur-

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schools there — tlie one I visited, the Toland, being connected with

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degree of youthful diffidence and confusion at the idea of

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Other slates are filled with similar complaints and expressions of disgust, but one stone I have found on

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involved. Pathologically the growth is of the class of epi-

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as it was unusually good ; and when Cullen Ijegan his distinguished

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successfully we must devote ourselves to the service without regard to

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hol, unchanged chemically, from the lungs, skiu, and

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eighth of an inch in diameter. The tube protects the whalebone from the