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macy and Chemistry of the American Medical Association, a i

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bloodvessels is different from what is generally maintained, and is a much

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teaching, Conklin, E. G., and others, 120; temperance instruction

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place of the granules, or rather their centres, constituting the grey

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ism. The kunkurs and tubercles are placed in a stroma com-

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small paper packets, containing half a grain or one grain, which

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both wrists, right elbow, knees, and left ankle. The knee-joints

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arrive at different conclusions, and in a distinctive and associate

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acting the poison of Syphilis in particular 7 and that Iodine

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Tamaris each 3ss; Roots of Elecampane, Polipody, each

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sent by some angry deity. The god was thought to enter the body

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cal ratios mav be r^arded as fair expressions of the general laws of this

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Glick, Ira D. Professor of Psychiatry. Attending Psychia-

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areas had been cured by the application of silver nitrate stick, with

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gravity among whites, 1016, among the blacks, 1020. Uric acid was deposited in 31 speci-

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it has been repeated perhaps three times. The abdomen

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The phalanges or toe joints are so called because they are arranged

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Derenm. II ■ "f the retina in both eyes, with albumi-

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turn; the forearm is extended, the knee flexed and the

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Mass, Eclectic Medical Journal, No. 31 Cornhill, Boston.

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retics, and the latter depurative diuretics. This distinction, if just, is

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I have found atrophied kidneys in the bodies of habitual drunk-

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syllables are omitted and the letters are not attached one to another.

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scientific life. While at the University we stopped briefly at the Institute of

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incorporate into the different sections into which this work is