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very great. He claims that in the last six months he
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when it is known that the colder the air is the purer it must be ; yet
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Strick, Stanley. Clinical Instructor in Medicine. Assistant
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mander and the Surgeon-Greneral, over general hospitals.
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dren in the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Gradu-
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before us is not free from that error. It is, however,
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weather. A trained nurse and a helper took charge of the work,
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condition. The blood Wassermann reaction was negative.
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the great number of organisms that is found in leucocytes. Koch
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weight would not be placed on single observations, like typing of
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where he graduated in Arts in 1681.^ In later life he practised in London, being
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Root, Leon. Professor of Clinical Surgery. Attending
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say that, of the thousands of poor wretches who are daily sent to the
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greater part of the gyrus fornicatus and quadrate lobule. The brain was
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of urgent reforms in the conditions which affect the life and the well-
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copious ; mammary secretion greatly increased; lochia scahiy
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been long since exploded. The case before the Society, even taken alone,
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such amputations are done above the sepsis or nearly above the sepsis, and
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addition to the above. After a few days of such a diet, carbo-
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parative tastelessness of the drug is one reason why it is so frequently
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wards an unclouded, vertical summer sun % Admit that in the act of
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I have had more experience, and become better acquaint-
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flow out readily. In making the opening, the different layers of
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doxical reactions, e g., excitement, stimulation and
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erer grades, the chromotolysis was complete. In a large num-
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and important feature, that it will be again referred to. The
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Immediately after the incision I employ one, not merely with the
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if necessary, to open the left kidney, over which he,
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fore the profession, for they are really as good as, or better than, any
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animate bodies — a tree or a stone — are susceptible of developing it
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quack remedies, the sale of which has enriched their
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system is challenging. Small cities and community hospi-
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He continued at work till 14t]i June, when, while walking quietly
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