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one way of dealing with such, and that is a strong Govern-
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After thorough examination we are inclined to pronounce
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formed Religion, one of the most adulterous, depraved, and
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doubt we were aware, there wei'e little red butterflies in the streets, which
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optical condition of the eye is, however, different from what it was with the
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in perspiration. In unfavourable cases the child sinks into a state
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Rational Medicine versus Empiricism. By B. A. Watson,
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body. There is also a seroui synovitis. Skiagram (Fig. 14) revealed a small
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words there is an element of danger in cutting into the enlarged
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to show, that in the month of April a state of localised sub-
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Bates, S. W., Ky. Clary, O. C, Ohio. Cooper, A. J., M. D., Mont.
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which I reported, some sort of an operation was at-
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and after a long conversation with my tourist, I became quite satis-
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characteristic feature. Fraenkel states the pneumococcus abscesses are
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would say that he could not think. Hence he distrusted
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At a meeting of the Clinical Society, May 9th, Dr. Thorowgood read notes
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the heart, for which he had taken a dose of laudanum, and the friends were
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Anemia occurs in a variety of conditions, the more important
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fumes of deflagrating zinc, has been noticed by Mr. Thackrah and
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notice should be taken of this complication than it seems to have
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as an advertisement, he hoped they would add that no
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clinical observations, and could not be followed up with conclusive
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But should this early stage have passed by and inflammation
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election thus early in life being due to my travels in
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cease entirely, the stomach being paralyzed, and unable to rid itself of its con-