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experimentally. Single artificially-made wounds of small size recover,
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adapted. A puffy abdomen generally indicates a flabbiness and weak-
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anterior abdominal wall. B — Same patient with con-
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Worthlngton, Dr. E. D., on the glue bandage in fractures 10^
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projections into the lumen of the intestine, some being as large as a bean.
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water, may be drank between meals to assuage thirst. The only vegetable ali-
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a minimum. As fibrinous material it is of course highly nutritious, and emi-
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too, previous obstinate constipation forms a predisposing cause. The pai.i and
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physicians and surgeons, on Tuesday and Friday, at 9
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not until last year, when I was specially other fact — viz , that after the application to
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comfortable; skin, moist; eyes, anxious; tongue, cracked and red and dry;
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and the profession for candid and non-sectarian consideration.
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Admittances — medical, 87 ; surgical, 120 : ophthalmological, 23 ; gynae-
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termine. If we were to find portions of the placenta attached to the
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Another powerful remedy, first recommended by Dr. Armstrong, of
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chromicized catgut, and the skin and fat by interru[)ted
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have been made, in which the presence of the specific bacteria of
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tures, complete restoration without open operation ; and I do not
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