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del r. govern o nel civico ospedale di Varese. 46 pp. 8°. Varese.

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P. 08, 1st eolti2im,9th line from bottom: for A^spo-MordMofi^ read hyptr*

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ditions which were in marked contrast to a temperature of 72 °F with

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lococcus aureus may cause erysipelas, but Petruschky does not regard his

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to protect their cows by herding them on such places,

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used only as part of the preoperative evaluation. Diabetic

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Dr. Dobbin — "No, you're wrong; Columbus discovered America." The doctor then explains to the

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well as in London; and while impelled by a sense of justice^

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ther investigation to settle the question beyond possi-

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slight intermittent tympanitis. Constipation is marked. When

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would do no harm, &c. — \_A. Turf. R. <^ S. Mag.']

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compress the soft parts against the bony walls. The soft parts

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Physical activity with laughter and bodily contact promotes i

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abscess was entirely healed. The treatment was conducted throughout under

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" the nervousness and peevishness of our times are chiefly

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never been a moment of conscious pain ; yet in this

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is sufficient. Chaput gives 0.4 as the first dose, and a subsequent dose

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(1883 a). — Dintoma cygiwides boncztana. 4(5 pp., 3 pis. Klausenburg.