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the medium of the British Medical Journal, to inform uurses that

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the lens had been forcibly dislocated by a quack, with conse-

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limited. There was complete inability to flex the last joints of the thumb

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morning temperature was 102°, the evening 104° ; there was

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travel, there can be no doubt that the training which they

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The term "vaccine" is applied to a suspension of killed bacteria

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Horsley, F.R.S., London; A. Ogston, M.D., Aberdeen; Dr.

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mated by different writers to be between 20 and 30 per cent. These

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lunited to parts of the spinal cord supplied by a branch of the anterior

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that accoimt I regard it as a serious disadvantage that cod-liver oil

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be defined as a state similar to that of a p>erson who, we say, is carried

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more circumspect than those who do, but this is but a loose

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to seven per second. This is termed by Germans the "intention

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has had a gross lesion in one brain hemisphere, ever walks again as if

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lates in the gall-bladder and becomes there more concentrated, but,

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instances were during the influenza epidemic. Since then

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Chbonic lead poisoning is not, so far as I am aware, com-

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at home should not be relaxed in the C lonies, and we

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the penis. It is usually rare for this to occur within the first

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discharged the duties of his office during a period of unex-

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ing rule extracted from the Code, of Medical Et/ucs, chap, ii, sect. 4,

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ceptions to be noted. Among the fruits, grapes are justly celebrated.

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a case of Glioma of the Optic Nerve, removed two years after