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anaesthetic Dr. Richardson ever experimented with β€” viz., methylic ether gas.
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obviating the usual delay of twelve or twenty-four hours
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the local injection of tincture of iodine, or simple alcohol. In very recent
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was eager to find a concentrated and nutritious substance available
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Dr. Perrigo, the retiring President, then read the following
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ments: "Doctor John Brown's 'Hone Subsecivae.' Go and buy the book. β€” * British
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ness, and Dr. Nicholas Senn's conclusions were given in eight para-
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of the flagellation of Our Lord, engraved in 1446. Of illustrations in
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any conception of what having an invalid wife means to a man he
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gunshot injuries ; and it has been my practice within the past
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Such a person β€œis as much a homicidal criminal as
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4th, In a large proportion of the cases met with in practice, the
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The leave of absi^nce heretofore granted Assistant-Surgeon A. Y.
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in its fracture resulting from an impact upon the external table
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one gallon of bran or oats, with a table spoonful of
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present conditions most favorable for transforming an infected wound
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and favourable to the growth of certain organisms. The actual relationship
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Leyden in 1868. On page 403, DaCosta says: "A peculiar kind of