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sure on the adjacent tissues causes a disagreeable sensation of tension,
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Officers. By D. H. Bergey, M.D., Assistant Professor of
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success. Numerous runners of all ages gathered at Airline
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decide. If we are to get these ferments from yeast, the flavor
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sad cases. Such a case illustrates the necessity of such gen-
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the room and bed occupied by the consumptive become in time a source
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exerts slight, if any, influence upon the fever-curve and pain. These
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a factor, and this we usually have in the gouty, hence the
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ment, the chest compress (page 114) is a valuable measure. It should
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glass condemned the bottle. All champagne bottles are made
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result of an altered hyperthyroidal secretion. Thus far, however,
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The most brilliant results from the water treatment are obtained in
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temperature of the water, it is inconvenient to the nurses and oppres-
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change Color — The Apple — Varieties of Apples — Varieties of Peaches
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drug was inhaled once or twice a day, compressed air by a
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thoracentesis for pleural effusion, walking about in a moribund state, etc.
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paralysis." This enfeeblement of the heart arises from the disturb-
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hence is more common in left- than in right-sided pneumonia, and chil-
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and demonstrates that the calibre of the superficial vessels is being con-
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liquor poured over them one-half water and one-half satu-
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Some cases, in the early stage, also do well at Thomas ville, Ga., Southern
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dation that someone shduld he niipointcil liy ilic (>(iveriinicnt with
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exclude all possible errors resulting either from personal bias or varia-
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circumstances usually undergoes suppuration, should lead to the recog-
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alone may surround the patient, and be sprinkled at short intervals with
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postmortem anatomic study of the disease. Further and more accu-
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and hydriatic. Hydriatric is derived from udwp, water, aud iazpia,
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shine, and easily assimilable food must be furnished at all hazards, and
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Syme — Ether and Chloroform — Berlin — Von Langenbeck — Fre-
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affected, the case terminating in pleuro-pulmonary tuberculosis.
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cur and progress to serious proportions in these cases, compelling re-
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forms of food must be avoided, especially salads and unripe fruits ; also
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a cooling drink, and the gelatinous mass lining the shells is
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that the balance of the 200 were isolated or (piarantined — quaran-
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Wood and other authorities, but these troubles are rather
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exercise a directly beneficial effect upon the retrocession of the patho-
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weeks of life ; and, secondly, because certain structures, not apt to be
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tion by {a) its gradual onset, unaccompanied by severe rigor; (i) the
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but they are not related specially to typhoid fever, and in a recent case
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