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cerebral cortex, and are, therefore, concerned in the

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(2) As a card specimen, thirty-one loose bodies removed from a single

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reduced to 8 st. 3 lbs ; pulse, 120; respiration, 28; temperature,

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Examining and Licensing Boards will be held in Milwaukee,

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of the patient, for a few days after the drug has been en-

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With such a diet we restore the mother, as soon as possible,

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day the rash appears on the face and is described as a rose-red efflor-

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errors; but it is more unpleasant to do the same for an-

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quite a sufficient irritation to cause untoward com-

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This patient w^as shown before the Section on February 2, 1917,

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different pathological conditions might produce a sim-

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C. At the Casually Clearing Station- ( 'n .u ihi- unit

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location is not such as to preclude the practicability of apply-

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ury ; also that one William Maxwell, a Scotchman, devel-

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dyspnoea, yet it often occurred in patients whose air-passages were very

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occurred. The best physiological antidote is chloral in

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mouth,) large head, abundance of curly, dangling, wind-tossed locks, tiny

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formation from the public with regard to this very operation. I appeal, there-

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region are usually amenable to sulphur, the precipitated powder

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the cause in this case, especially as it occurred as a single isolated case and the

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and leaning over a pillow on the back of another chair,

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thelial cancer of the left cheek, and the adjacent por-

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much intestine was taken away. At a sister Society he recently

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while, on the other hand, only one member of the family may

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mena which attend it. Assuming it to prove fatal, the patient may die in

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infected vessels to Northern latitudes. In some instances

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Stud.. N. Y.. 1898, v, 68-78.— Bell (J. IF.) Mediciil ethics

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involved and the cost of retrieving and reviewing all the beneficiary records for

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out Strueh's suggestion. On the other liand, we are fairly

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occurring in clusters. The remains of the sweat-glands can be recognised

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