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ment for the quarter ended June 30. The estimates of the
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forego restitution of funds improperly obtained by providers and suppliers. We
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Bothriocephalus cordatus is similar to the Bothriocephalus latus, but is nar-
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doses combined with other remedies in disturbances of the stom-
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Discussion. Dr. J. G. Cecil: Acute articular rheumatism is one of
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liver and spleen ; constipation ; skin very hot and dry ; no characteristic erup-
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2. A primipara was delivered by forceps of a child presenting in
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at once. The relief was immediate. No lymph was expelled, but the
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and though he may not have done so for several days, he vomits, or makes
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vidual ? Are the carnivora less healthy than the herbivora
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are altogether twenty-five beds ; thii'teen new cases are re-
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to the decay of literature in this country, may be mentioned
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May we advanced to three grains of cantharides, intermingling
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father is a shoemaker, and probably now regrets that he did
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F desired to be brief. I am very sorry to find that by being so, I was
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ments of the calves of the legs were taken seven inches
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high or low place, a hot or cold place, a bracing or a moist
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those which prevented the carrying out of feeding experiments with Cat II
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as described in the tenotomy ; it is quite possible that at
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for a mixture of twenty-five parts of fluid extract
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irritation ; the effect of overstraining of the ciliary muscle in its constant effort
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Professor of Hygiene in the University of Pennsylvania
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the learned professions — must, a fortiori, recognize its
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occipital articulation than in being told by the morpholo-
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injected every few hours. The case continued to progress favorably
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•to the poisoning. Symptoms of fever came on, and the spleen
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somewhat contracted ; not admitting of full extension.
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other morbid conditions commonly found in chronic Bright's
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tastrophe. Solid opium (as a stimulant) is his great remedy for this
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indicates a severe attack. In acute rheumatism a temperature of