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liable to punishment if he removed it without due cause, and at

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They believe in the organization and have been working to achieve its

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After some discussion, the report of Dr. Squibb was

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Whether patients with symptomatic carotid stenosis of

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tumor and with a probability diagnosis of its sohtude." A

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so-called "renal glycosuria." It was not possible under the circum-

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Physician at the Matteawan State Hospital, Beacon, N. Y.

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Now as to the importance of this condition: If the symp-

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tion in the nine cases, at least a very suggestive history of the

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suspected of being consumptive, to prohibit her from nursing,

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with the circulatory movements may then be arranged in four cate-

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I was called some three months ago to a lady, nineteen years of age,

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clode that a veritable erysipelas was present. M. Kaynand qaotes a case which

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diseases such as leprosy, phthisis, and gonorrhoea, but without success.

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of keeping a premature child sufficiently warm is also

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nicate with each other, and traverse the parenchyma in all direc-

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and it is to be hoped that the procession of recovered patients

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but to invalids also if used in the form of curatives.

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yet they might occasionally be basal cell and simulate rodent ulcer. They

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coming out of an inspectorship by comi)etent and f|ualifie(l veteri-

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for the production of a continuous spray. I mention this lest

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ing soda one ounce in three pints of clean water two

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actions there appears an elaborate paper on Congenital Obliteration of the

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and strength of the solution, time of exposure, and number of ticks.

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After so discouraging a picture of this powerful and dis-

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was the seat of the disease, and tubercle baciUi were present in the

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field, A. M., M. D. A thirty-eight-page reprint from the

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and fhvXty ex^^riment It was taught at the schools and repeated at the examining

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The Sixtieth Session of the Association of German Nat-

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observations tended to confirm his suspicion. It looked as

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cannot be realized too strongly that the beginnings of pri-