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*The Center serves as a source of intelligence on therapeutic and
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Put some floured butter (butter rolled in flour) into a stew-
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swine plague is meant hog cholera), the only bacteria compared by personal
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white clot before it comes into operation. In view of this, the method
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illary region where it terminates in the loosely aggregated anlage
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century it would seem that Churchmen had not yet discovered
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disappearance or decline in temperature on cleansing
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monia exists, as in nasal or pharyngeal catarrh with hemorrhage,
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form, etc.) is known to have in lengthening clotting time, it would seem
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(4) In Chapter VIII, I have described the pathology of the sexual
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in his " Voyages," referring to the South Sea Islanders, says : " We
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quently tuberculosis will first manifest itself with a chill or chilly
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treated for stricture two years ago. His urethra is
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than twenty years since Spastic Paraplegia was definitely described.
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ordinate though most useful position of a simple ano-
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behavior of an animal during starvation, such knowledge is of great
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to pass upon, and according to its judgment to report all charges preferred against
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formity of the verterbrse, the spine is strengthened at each
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rows of Lembert sutures ; these rows will average aboat
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leading countries of the world. In 1947 the rate had
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addition to the already lengthy list of vaccines issued by
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more or less open, and the speech is nasal. Later there is
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and dysentery outbreaks following emergencies when purifica-
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though he would apply it in a less complicated manner
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obtained from it analyzed satisfactorily for the same substance. The
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centre of the drain ; the peripheral ones are thus loosened and