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" subject. He deals with portraits in oils, pictures, engravings, illustrations,

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nto the adjoining cells and are known as haustoria.

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ther it is not better to let the case proceed laninterfered with^

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emergency he may have some curiosity to know just what that

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value. After his death it was ascertained that he had

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ative syphilis of the air-passages he had obtained bril-

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Foreign Body in the Nose. — The patient was shown by Dr.

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equivalent to an open sore in the heel. The irritation

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tion for bodily or mental exertion, loss of appetite, sickness, frontal

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minor principles important in advanced work and often

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the coat stares, and, although the animal is allowed the very best

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meet all "legally qualified " practitioners when they

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tions I have mentioned have been specified in the fourth Lecture, (p.

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able. The reported mortality ranges from 10% to 50%. 107 112

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serous surfaces and forming pockets therein to receive the resulting fluids

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due to Dr. Adler for the most admirable clinical demon-

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min only is infected, and it is not a true embryonal

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(2.) Ruptured Intestine due to Violence. — Man while at Avork

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be addressed to the American Chairman of the Organ-

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the regular examination without change or favor. There is no need

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Microscopically, there was shown marked swelling and vacuoliza-

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liver into contact with the contents of the bowel. The establishment

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the hope that it will do good. This is a sclerotic process, and it

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the breast, and a careful consideration of the history of the case,

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hard but feeble pulse. The patient is listless, dull, indif-

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into the temporary hospital. I inclose a copy of the order, though

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The cerebral substance often contains scrofulous tubercles ; while

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order, and, calling attention to the fact of this being the last gathering

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late as six weeks after the inoculation. These rabbits were much wa.^ted,

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older patients, but under the law which requires that all cases

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of masters to servants, of the farmer to his labourers,

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Among the details of treatment it may be mentioned that

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while another secures the hinder parts. Then let the

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that it is converted into a sanitary and convenient building

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can best be done by a long continuous course of arsenic.

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try, and fully represented the general knowledge on the subject.

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the venous blood coming to the lungs, we shall find that it is distinctly

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Meantime, the edges of the scalp-wouna had gradually