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have been referred to as "the new lepers” and as irra-

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Langues Orientales Vivantes ' (mimeographed, Paris, 1955) ; idem, La

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inoculation. Inoculation shortens the incubation period.

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of receipts at some of which we cannot but smile. He

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diagnosis was correct. On Tuesday morning the 28th, I was

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The operation was performed on the 3d of May, 1848.

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appears to us it would be a wiser course to retain in our prac-

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perfect success. Up to that period, we had never seen or heard of

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for six to eight hours in the same manner as in fumigation with

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in five. In Kolisch's case (tumour of the right tegmentum) hearing

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virulence when grown continuously outside the body, but it also undergoes marked

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tains enormous numbers of bacilli. In other words, large num-

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was endorsed by the leading physicians and surgeons of the city, Drs. R. Mi.

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the water constantly in motion. But the greatest utility of the

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Shea, Christopher Richard. Assistant Professor of Medicine.

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followed. 10. When asleep the increase of the respirations was the premoni-

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Young children soon become fatigued, and so we make

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healers, and in so doing met with opposition from the

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