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it bit many living things. The people of the villages became terri-
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getic treatment with large quantities of serum. 3 Three cases were due
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leaving a clear vacuole. The chromatoid body is made up of a mass of
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become involved. In addition to the perforation in the ethmoidal
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other occasions also, when the mouth is to be kept from licking or
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logical conditions, and this is another thing we should always
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and yet, according to the uniform testimony of educated medi-
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world that principle which we have accepted as true for society, and to
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first of the series of embolisms in the liver. After this there developed the
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Point, and thus bag Grant's forces encircling Petersburgh.
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is always of traumatic origin, and that constitutional conditions
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the use of the eyelid, and his general health is improved.
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operation on the neck, if the patient is given physiol-
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They prey upon the credulous and the weak minded who in most
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gamboge, agents that exert an injurious influence upon the
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method into prominence, and has introduced systematic
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rain fell are as follows : Laramie 44, Lander 38, Sarato-
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approximate, owing to the number of disturbing factors whose
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one carried out in the epizootic season. On the Sth January 1907,
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lege conducted a kindergarten for the well children last j^ear.
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125, a mortality of 14.9 per cent., a condition which occurred in one-half of
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inspecting the mastoid antrum and cells and the middle ear, in exposing
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he had used a small piece of fuse wire, which he fixed with strapping
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merse it in water, letting it remain about a minute, and
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an enterectomy for tuberculous disease. The opsonic index was
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regarding it simpl}' from a histological stand-point, its value is some-
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and worries and in those of their families, lend cheerful and willing