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to which the term habit-spasm is correctly applied, and which are to be

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when upon the expiration of a little time in the preparation for

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liable to it in a special degree. But most of these carriers do not

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above the normal. It will thus be seen that want of knowledge of the

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With that class of cases where a demonstrable central lesion

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generally used ; they need not offend the eye, and provided

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theim ver\ sensibly concludes from these experiences

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10. That from a similar soil kept damp by occasional addi-

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cate that the epidemic is not yet suppressed, although some 200,000

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of service ; its indication is, however, very unusual, and occurs only

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21. Dgjerine & Thomas, Rev. Neurol. & Psych., May 30, 1907, p. 627.

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If intestinal auto-intoxication is the sole and primordial

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cases of both occur in iDlervaln of epidemic \tTrvit\f.ur.f,

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no better remedy than the water cure, a regular mode

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data noted for an opinion on this point, in nine of the

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other side, the hydrophone fits as exactly to the aperture of the

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prize acre of potatoes in the northern part of this state,

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It is not my purpose to say more. I have said enough*

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weaned; a weanling, when weaned, until it becomes a yearling.

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for several years and resigned in 1880. He practised

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pressure or by compressing the tibials and peroneal as they cross

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of the gland wdth a probe or grooved director. The pus follows the

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genogram. Nevertheless, roentgenograph^ findings in even the most

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these fifty observations were made on the subject Add. he may have

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Pediatrician, North Shore University Hspital. Assistant

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be the result of the widespread, strong and constant

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of stenosis and degrees of thickening. All infants with hyper-

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sures a satisfactory result ; in the treatment of mv pa-

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C.A.M.C, at the Divisional Sanitary School in the Field. Based on

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Medicaid patients. After careful consideration, the Council

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ever lived up to the mandates of the leaders of his faith.

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possessed sensation to the extent of about an inch from this line: beyond this

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off. It is filtered in a warm condition and allowed to

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has grown out of the practice of simply rubbing the skin. It

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