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elaborate treatise upon the subjects which it embraces, but merely a Handbook,
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sota Health Department ; Dr. A. B. Rosenfield, director,
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As those familiar with other of Dr. Campbell's writings might expect,
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marry a half-sister as a full cousin ? It seems so on investigation. Indeed,
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be six inches further ahead to obtain the best results. Thirty feet of rope
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of leukocytosis should be of help. Malarial fever, certain forms of purpura
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Before leaving this part of our subject, a few words may be said con-
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the non-appearance of secondary sexual characteris-
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situation could be obtained at the autopsy, both sur-
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accordingly, we find that the blood-vessels are full of a highly albumin-
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seen benefit arise from frequently soaking them in a hot alkaline
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on discovering he was drinking the gasoline, "fired" him. For a while he
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1. Allen, F. M., and Du Bois. E. F. : Metabolism and Treatment in Diabetes,
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ness than when treated with Mg. Finally, during three
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tion of the profession for the purpose of securing the object.
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sacrum was also fractured vertically upon the left side,
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of my letter. Early in January there was an unusual excitement to
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There are, however, some important points of difference
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throat externally, crepitus, or some irregularity may
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seems to be to contract the base of the valve, thereby drawing the fibrous
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very marked cauliflower formation at the tips of all the phalanges. The basal
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matism," and tlie bac.k has been stiff ever since, so that he
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4. Solutions of 1 to 6* in sterilized water are permanent at the ordinary
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