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whom the law was instituted, are best calculated to discover its short-
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tis and enteritis frequently coexist and are equally fatal
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The average monthly readings are found in Table IV.
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operation. If a surgeon possesses the skill requisite
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be regarded as an aphorism. If the child cries, it will recover ; if it does
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The operation that we did do was unnecessary and useless. It made
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this occur, of course the experiment must be tried, but the
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experimentally altering the intestinal flora seems to increase
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Body TEMrERAxuRE and Excitability op the Cardiac Nerves.
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They are made very similarly to pills. The ingredients are finely
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4. We may, secondly, regard the same figure as indicating yet other matters. If we
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— The report of Dr. John T. Nagle, of the Bureau of
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BOOK NOTICES. — Current publications are noticed in a spirit of fairness, and with the
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Focal areas of decreased density, resembling those found in gout,
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In fifty-eight cases there was an inter-auricular opening,
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teodency to oxidiie into resins ; and being themselves very
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This program will focus upon the management of behavioral
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operations, and he related the following case : An ovarian
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