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Bulletin No, 17 — March, 1894. I. Crop Report for 1893. II. Cost
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condition often exists as a symptom of other diseases in the body.
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by the influence of the season upon the disease and from the chronic course.
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occur to his mind. But to two different men, having
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chest lesion with a family history of tuberculosis, and an indefinite
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wells, but the water-supply, abundant and pure, is brought from the Zaborod
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will bring it on. Masturbation is its most frequent cause. A
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(Oct. 1 to Jan. 1), William Ingalls, M. D. (April 1 to Aug. 1).
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a case of the most exquisite Tilbury Fox type — which had never shown
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deratanding of tke snfcgeet can b« foundied, njr hext buiiw
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cause of its rapidly fatal termination. In the same way a gener-
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and lesions of the "islands" alone in 12, while the
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10. Dunnick NR, Fisher RI, Chu EW, Young RC: Percutaneous
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and upon coagulation it was centrifuged to separate the serum from the clot.
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this subject, so momentous in its ajjplicatious, has,
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work, and are mostly borrowed from foreign sources. An exception
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Bacillus pyocyaneus about 4 or 5 hours old. This culture should
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sections of tissues stained by the Gram-Weigert method the organisms
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half of the cerebellum the rotation is as if such a screw were entering an object,
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of this occurred on the 2d ot last March, ;sg„t ,o ^^^er hospitals, and 658 had died.
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of 156 pages, inscribed "Thomas Sydenham's Method of Treating
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considerable graham and whole wheat and occasionally ivhite bread or baking pow-
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with the family and personal history, the surroundings and
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their normal strength ; but as the losses in killed, wounded, and missing
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Summit, Fill Basket and Champion of England were the
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(M.D., F.R.C.S., Ireland; L.K.Q.C.P., L.R.C.S., Ireland; Medi-
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grounded upon professional knowledge, are essential for the ade-
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Formerly, they were generally confounded with other growths, and their
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utmost importance. The Sicine Fever Infected Areas Order
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Jf*. kjOLiLULH/Oy . test. Allowed to lie loosely in the mouth the contents escape in
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nished ; and in no case will any portion of this sum be
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