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manipulation is required to extract alka- doses of strychnine and their serum injected
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(Xn/iiTTb), I fold), in which the back is bent like that of an old
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BOSTON MEDWAL AND SnnGTOAL JOUtiNAL. [November 23, 1899.
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reaches the spinal cord by the motor nerves. If in the more
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The large premiums now are interfering with the ability of
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lizable substantes, is forced out of the capillaries into Bowman's
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the chloride of ammonium ; thirty grains of which should be
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freshment of the airj is put out, and as it were quenched.
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parasite normally runs, what we may call, the first part of its
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Both in these as well as in the human cases the bacilli were foimd in the
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two have I tied a vessel, and those have been the ex-
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cited or disturbed in any way. Breathe slowly and deeply, thinking of
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blood, but not in great quantities \ her diforder was
intensities of illumination set forth in the following table, artificial light
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cision, about an inch in length, was made in the middle of the neck, a little
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Chittenden^ found the dried acid contained 5'71 per cent, of
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reasons given for considering general paralysis as a
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— into North Carolina and Georgia in 1854, convinced
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skin eruptions, and temporary bronzing, without icterus of eyes, profuse
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tion would then generally preclude an expectation of success-
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bility is that there is such a profound morbid tendency of the
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I have tried to picture to you my early struggles — pardon all
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such treatment alone, as I have seen numerous cases in which the
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collation of MS3., translated for Che first time into French ; with an Introduction, Notes,
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only the essential and important ones. Blood cultures and Wassermann
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The fibrinous membrane is characterized by greater friability than the
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the hips, or through the sciatic nerve from its origin, and
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Ew.M.n, in the Berlin, ktin. IVoclu-nsil:., July 9, 1S88,
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in the personal statement. Letters of recommendation can
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cases in which operation has been performed. It is to
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superficial excoriations (should they not be discovered prior to this by
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with pleuro-pneumonia. He had been in the habit of rubbing this ointment
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which worms give rife to, when they lodge in the ven-
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of the Nicollet Leader. He spent the summer of 1899 visiting Boston hospitals.
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entertained, and enjoyed Dr. Barbour's paper very much. I regret
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be pablisned in the Jersey City papers, the Amsrioa.n MmiOAi. Tiifia,
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