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Zinc Phosohid * ^^ e American Journal of Clinical Medicine, for
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private practice are usuallj^ too small to be of statistical value.
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irritation was produced. The method of application is as
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sociated with the splenic pulp which is lacerated in the attempt to re-
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matous tissue remaining, A little shrinking took place.
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arc successively attacked, etc. It is easy to gather isolated tuts to ni>-
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surrounding tissues. Beyond the presence of a very limited number
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Finally Takamine 2 described his own method already outlined, and also
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the disease is iu)w fu'st apparent. The patient experiences a sensation of
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Conclusions. — 1. Clinical observation in many cases in-
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the chest involve the cutting through of the intercostal
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tion of regular Army calisthenics combined with radically new move
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gallons, valued at $82,945, were exported. The rapid development of
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gastritis, in gastric ulcers, hemorrhages of the stomach, in
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Do any claim for it the powers of a graduated vitometer, the
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and premature death than all else, except bad cookery ; of which, by the