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As yet this interesting theory is without experimental proof,

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operation could save the little fellow's life, and, night though it was, it

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crown — from which the bone had disappeared. The dura mater

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contraction to 10". Another successful case he had followed for

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removal. The giant-cell and more solid sarcomata appear after

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thoroughly well pleased with his condition. He was treated by

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if we suppose it to be very much smaller than it is, or that the tendon

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way to over-reach; and it ought to be remembered that they have a

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radius. Now, our smallpox temporary hospital at Colinton Mains

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a careful reading of the two narratives shows that there

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necessarily causing gangrene, differ at first very little

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mals, as also in most human cases, because of the history of long

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albumen and paralbumin, and has certain microscopical char-

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last two phalanges of the left little finger are atrophied, the interphalangeal

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were conducted upon the Menobranchus, which he obtained from

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peculiar membrane of hydatids. Stratified layers were seen present-

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Spirits of Wine, or Eau de Cologne, one of Chloroform, anc

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matter under the police court, and apertures in the

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Those writers claim that this local reaction does not usually

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(1) Cholecystitis with or without calculi, including the acute,

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ing to the arbitrament of war has gone by, that difficulties among

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vessels. The principal peculiarities of the structure and arrangement

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Another pleasing and prominent trait in the character of our asso-

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tau), the frog and Amblystoma, the turtle, the chick, and the pig.

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segment on the left side, as it did not bleed it was decided not to suture.

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a panacea far every thing in the hands of the disciples of Paracelsus,

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than either dapsone or clofazimine in clinical trials. 30 - 31

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A-V Block . . . can be partial or complete, tachycardia, skip a beat!!!

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'Ev T dpa oi (pv X^'P') fTos t etpar, e/c t ovofxa'^ev,'^

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in the spirit of all that was said or done on that occasion.

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T he place of bedside teaching and physical diagnosis


as to graduate nurses who desire to enter our fields, and to those who

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securing the delivery of a mutilated calf, but a living

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opening it we found about one half ounce of dark serum,

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solids, that it contains no adulterant or preservative. If it

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He learned the power of the god, how Serapis was able

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sis and final recovery. New York Medical Journal, Vol. XXIII, p. 294.

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journal, "A Step in the Right Direction," an opinion

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(B) Behind the ankle (see Ligation of Posterior Tibial Artery).

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