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a definite pathology and a definite clinical standing. The

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who authorized him to state that : " If the authorities and the general

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appropriated to provide room for all the epileptics in the state

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cerning them ; yet it was the first description of a

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Atlanta, Ga., has two hundred and eight regular practicing

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Local Treatment of W/cers.— Rochard recommends fre-

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of the rifle is as frequently used as the cold steel.

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liver, heart, and other organs a cure cannot be effected. Purga-

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M-hich has been called "isolation dystrophy," supervenes before the

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methods of work in the various institutions, remarked upon the

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transverse colon were found firmly matted to the parietes. The omentum

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the operation. The congested state of the intestine should not

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causing an arterial anaemia and venous congestion of

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A. L., A BOY, aged 2 years, was brought to the Queen's Hospital

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abandoned as wards, and many alterations were made, to

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reconstruction of eyelids by epithelial grafts, 193

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occurrence, the patient should be allowed to live with it, if it

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make locomotion a movement of poise, activity and grace, free

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fiist and fourth quarters, in obedience to a general law, are always the

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endocrine glands. Are we justified in assuming hyperthyroid activity

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them might be willing to purchase one or two inexpensive volumes, (such as Dr. Darem-

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dent upon primary disposition, has a most radical influence. In regard to the resist-

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Joaquin Valley close to major cities and skiing areas.

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hitherto rather neglected in the therapeutics of these afifections— viz., the

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The operation of hysterectomy, or the more conservative pro-