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I have mentioned, as well as unpublished observations made in this
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^inns omatus, Dougl. Lindl. Bot. Reg. xv, 12 16 (1829).
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About a year ago he had been treated at a London hospital for gastric
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The adhesive plaster counter-extending bands become firmly adherent
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Rhazes, in Avicenna, in Platearius of Salernum, and
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with jaundice. When the large intestine is affected, pain may be absent, or
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as a foreign body, and a special action (perhaps putrid) which alters
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ten to twelve days. If taken early and properly treated, it can
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tion shall be submitted to and considered by the Council in the same
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are empty words. He feels an extreme depression of spirits,
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cepting a transient failure of the heart and respira-