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has been inflicted, without any external marks of violence to indi-

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effects have been seen in animals at doses about 10 times the maximum recommended

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tributions, to recur to the type normal to the arteries of the lower limb, which ho r^ards

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He was completely jaded, and could scarcely stand on his feet.

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concentrated acetone liquors with acetone was omitted. In this

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The value of sanatorium treatment is largely dependent on

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objection to Baltimore or Washington. His failure at home

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patient to cleanse carefully the anal region after each movement.

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sideration the whole subject of medico-legal investigation of

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embryo human being in the womb, by electrical disturbances under the influ-

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In a third case (1894 ; age 1 year 4 months; ill thirteen days with cough ;

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atrophy of the hand muscles, sensation is much affected, sensibility to

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which certainly removed an aggravating if not a primary cause.

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nation of the scar tissue, some sympathetic nerve tissue

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culation of cold water about the lamp was necessary.

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be employed. The author reports one failure only in fifteen cases.

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it by suprapubic incision ; in two (McGill) it could not be satisfactorily

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of glanders (spontaneous means the development of something out

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versity ; instruction of local public health nurses

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the right half Ixdng antc^rior. There was no cranio-

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They are v^^oven into the pages of Hellenic literature of every

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Mr. X., age 26 years, (referred by Dr. John Whitehead), an

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Mimnlns Langsdorflii Tilingi, Greene, Journ. Bot. for Jan.. 1895.

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on myopia will occur and will increase from diopter to diopter,

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lity, how can it cause such venomous effects ; as if it fell

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titioners and breeders of stock will tell you that certain animals if

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the retina has been observed by Manfredi, and of tuberculosis

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Many of the symptoms of neurocirculatory asthenia are so similar

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pass, excepting through such cracks or joints as the loc

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was 14.0) was equal to an average annual death-rate of 14.8

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accompanied by oedema of the brain. Of the eighteen who re-

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coagulation necroses found in infectious diseases. The lesions fall

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they will now contract in an incoordinate and harmful manner.

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is appointed to meet at Fort Myer, Va., to take into considera-