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when no adhesions have formed around the caecum ; but as a rule it does not occur

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tion of the patient cannot be the sole explanation, for these pyogenic cocci

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and it is probable that such a property of selective solubility may play

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of dilatation, and an effectual one for tlie treatment of most cases of stric-

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of a real medical diagnosis. Here is an extract from that

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to and increases the disability produced by the paralysis.

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the existence of congestion of the encephalic, pectoral, and abdomi-

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similar cases before the middle of the nineteenth cen-

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less give it a position and a circulation which it has never yet attained.

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may bring the infection to his wife, even after the lapse of many

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cedent of at least one adjoining State, Pennsylvania, and a num-

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is not really her class, we welcome her as a member.

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change cholestarine is retained, and acts as a poison.

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disease. There are times when we all iMscome unuiu-

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the string is determined by subtraction of the downward deflection

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deprecates the well-known method of aspirating a disfcoided gall Uadder

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association of obesity or gout, long duration of the disease without much

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pelled by this force through the trachea. Consequently

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the tincture of cantharides is often very serviceable.

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the tear completely. Over the wound I placed a piece of absorbent co ton,

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oxysm of rage ; these paroxysms decrease in severity as the dog

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was accompanied by strong wind. The vessel rode at anchor a

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present the prognosis is somewhat worse than if they

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still more perhaps in our ideas, regarding the treatment of disease.

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indeed, in some instances the spinal chord and brain

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may be suspected and this diagnasis may be made if the pain be severe and

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