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of the button. One half is thus tied in each incision, and they are clamped to-

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pelvis, even when in its natural (late ; efpecially if

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specified points. Three highly skilled and most experienced

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a right to persuade a woman, when her compliance will lessen his respect

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adjusted to certain conditions. Veratrum should be given

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there were 2,000 physicians in Ontario, that each one would make,

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the disorganization in this form of renal disease, we might naturally

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sections of tissues stained by the Gram-Weigert method the organisms

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to the ounce. Practitioners settling in that vicinity should avoid

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at rest ; the sobbing, sighing, short cries, and laughter, too, are

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hectic fever reduced, and the weight of the patient raised. Finally, in a very

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to the serum, and that such recoveries are not entirely

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treatment rarely fails to relieve pain not due to direct pres-

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tion I have stated the remedies employed more or less

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method, it is insufficient from the practical stand-

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successful vaccination sent in has ranged from 25 to

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Retreat for the Insane, shall be chosen by ballot. All other Committees shall be

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ergosterol or cholesterol?" Windhaus said 7-dihydrocholesterol or "viosterol."

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Is death in typhoid due to the bacillus or to septic intoxica-

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tion (if it be granted that these proteoses are actually absorbed and

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the A. T. Still Research Institute. In human beings

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exception of his own first doubtful observation of this bacillus and of

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The plan is simply to utilise water for bathing purposes in the form of

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probablj^ have been successful. It was proposed to the

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as rapidly. The busy hours of training in public and private

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ful that an opportunity is left us, after the smoke of

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With Mrs. G. (Case 5) we only obtained one observation, that

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found to be very firm on account of the proliferation of the con-

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that the system was left in a state of exhaustion, and nausea and vomit-

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the knee the gastrocnemii, etc., are put out of action, the foot can be

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rhage lasts for a longer time, and frequently returns. It recurs

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hypodermically. Gave her two drop doses of tincture of aconite

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as compared with that of former years, is greatly lessened ; while

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