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voted to erysipelas. It would be interesting to read the results of this method.

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firmly fixed in the cell substance, and is only separated with difficulty.

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solution, and roll the clot gently on filter paper to remove

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patches is frequently well marked, but ulceration does not occur. In such

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direct and lucid language the pathology, etiology, and finally

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of which are caused by pyogenetic organisms; again, diphtheria may

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sputum of whooping-cough a short, thick bacillus, pure cultures of which

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The iodine produced in reaction (5) then is titrated with thiosul-

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trouble continues. Perhaps a number of those present have

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of organisms in the inoculum may be large or relatively small,

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such atom groups of the cell protoplasm as have a maximal specific affinity for the

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ceeding the accident ; some had called it cataract and some dis-

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sclerosis, chronic nephritis, and myocarditis, in a measure

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II. The P-R interval approached 0.2 second. A diagnosis of

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will come of this hsemic invasion ; (b) the micro-organisms may escape the deadly

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therefore, in all the elements that would speak to a human — to

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patient first seeks relief. In other instances the complaint is of loss of

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and after the addition of the sulfuric acid is com-

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appears. Then 3 drops of starch solution are added and

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empiricism ; or a man without the instincts of a gentleman ? Granted that men

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As I have tried to emphasize, vaccines seem to work better

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in the office of his half-brother, Hiram Holt, M. D., of Pomfret, Ct., and attending

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1883.] Management of Dorso-Posterior Pelvic Presentation. 41

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extending into the axilla; inspiration had a sonorous amphoric