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attitudes toward the US drug problem, their political and

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half of the extent of the scalp had been gone over the hair began to

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ature and moisture of the inspired air is nicely r^ulated

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four hours, and would die. This occurred, and she died as the doctor

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Are very irregular, of a warty stalactic shape, and are common

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which she recovered completely. She entered the hos-

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is proportionally less ; in the aged proportionally greater. The indi-

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done by civilian surgeons in examining applicants for places

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Stunk \Ri), Tho.mas C, acting assistant surgeon, will proceed from

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this new medicine. 1. It improves the condition of the blood in cases where

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neighborhood, we may decide that one or both diseases are pres-

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This central form of placenta pritvia is the rarest

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M. Richardiere relates the cases of two patients which

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tions have constituents which are insoluble in water and con-

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thectomy in a case exhibiting typical symptoms of ex-

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virulent," since the vaccine virus, after having been

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one side volition or will looks as if it were an independent

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imaginary and the patient not possessed of sufficient

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us unsociable and sour. . . . Let us suppose, for ex-

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disinfecting the contents of the bowel, calomel was

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resistant to 60° C.) ferment-like hemolysin. If the pro-

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tion in the Treatment of Erysipelas. — Dr. James G.

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history of an incubation period, such as is the rule in all microbic

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toneal coat, but it is invested by a cellular membrane which

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absent in 2. The reflexes showed considerable variation. In none of

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illness only, and it is not advisable to feed healthy

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quently in the mediastinum; that is, the tumors of the Hodgkin's or l>Tn-

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hypertrophy with valvular disease. No medical means pro-

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(Peyer's) patches is somewhat more decided than is there stated, prob-

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Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania, and that he be respect-

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fact that patients often delay seeking surgical aid

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In a few instances unpleasant after-effects are noticed,

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It is certainly startling to be told by competent specialists that

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every case an immediate repair should be done, thus each time per-

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The so-called amyloid or waxy casts, larger and less transparent than

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ices in examining applicants for the Aviation Service. The usual

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notwithstanding the weakened condition of the patient when iritis came

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e([uivalent of the number of diameters in a lens, that

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iliac joint. Ruge has collected forty-four cases of