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College of Medicine and “delivered the first formal series of
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adults by Shiga in Japan, Flexner and Strong in the Philippines,
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union. The amboceptor could be exhausted from the serum and the
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again. The tumour had in the meantime increased considerably in size,
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strength and weight. Her temperature never steadied, but con-
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has even fairly acquired the rudiments of his business. If, how-
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of lesion, but more often other nerves suffer, especially the sixth and
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have all prevailed to an equal extent at different times in
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plication, and even reduplication of disease- organ-
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1. To make studies of working conditions in their relation to health
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is half an ounce, which may be increased to a wine glassful daily. — lb.
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typhus. Mr. Abernethy remarked that were a physician to see
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Ventral Hernia : a Plea for Extra-Peritoneal Opera-
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that will not square with any theory as yet presented, and, as Fournier has
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cause of cough in children, but the impression left
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small-pox is more constant than it is in independent attacks of scarlet
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We take occasion here to utterly disclaim, in our remarks,
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The baldness signifies adversity, and hairiness prosperity,
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alternating current) produces ventricular fibrillation in the heart of cer-
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on Medicine, Surgery, and Oplithalmology, and found them very well
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Gastrointestinal symptoms occut in about 2 5 percent ot
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subject of gynaecology more easily understood, and to place it
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three weeks he began to use leg. Has not had convul-
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R. S. Blakeman, assistant surgeon, ordered to the Naval
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think (and say), “I know what each of those words mean. I still
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when the menopause occurred, the hemorrhage caused by the tumor ceased.
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is also very much limited, and extension is absolutely