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which, with a rapid rate, both the heart and pulse are markedly

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is preferred, and where the facilities I describe do not exist, the spatula might

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and in 1791 several more joined. James McGrigor was first Secretary of the

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their respective comities, to collect and pay over to the Treasurer of the Society

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eldest disciple of Prlessnltz, and one of the first writers on his system,

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sure is below 80 mm. One should content himself with control of

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a further reduction of 25 per cent in 1895 as compared with 1894,

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passing repeatedly through experimental animals. Here again the

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modify these textural changes, we must note them in their early

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place during the spasms of the last agony. The circumstances were such

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The skin, in addition to being icteric, may become the seat of ery-

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fumigated in a novel way, so that there is little or no

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the food, absorption will be seriously retarded. The chloride being in-

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cases, the basis of these observations, exceeded in any case two doses ;

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Registration — Drs. C. W. Greene, W. L. Ayer, and L. J. Brooks.

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internal medication whatever, so far as I remember,

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E. W. Hill and wife, of this city, who v/ent south early in the fall,

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and pronounced oedema of the eyelids, as well as subcutaneous oedema of

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vention to the world, and as a consequence a dozen or

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per cent, of its inconifi is derived from other sources

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It may be employed in the form of a dry fine powder; or as a

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dilated, and directed backwards towards the middle of the

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praesentiarum vrget ade6, et sopitae brumali frigore

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total death-rate for the week was 20.68 against 20.52 and 20.89

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evidence of implication of the peripheral nerves as shown by

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phy of the kidneys. In by far the larger proportion of cas^s

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rhage is attributable quite as much to the rapid union of the tissues which sup-

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as typhoid and paratyphoid fever, bacillary dysentery and malaria,

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acetone. The other was obtained by precipitating with a solution of

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