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By a pursuance of this plan, no difficulty was afterwards
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is in accord with the clinical fact that furuncles form almost exclusively in
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leans ; and in these various articles, " Hsemorrhage in Dengue"
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of the toes were tilted from the phalanges, and pre-
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are valuable adjuncts preparatory to or during the administration of the
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letter with the citation " Up, guards, and at 'em." That
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The hand-held direct ophthalmoscope provides a limited
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physiological theories — Medical practice of his time — Alcmaeon,
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ferences between it and sporadic, i. e., broncho-pneumonia, in the
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heel of the shoe on the inside the same inclination that
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product is chemically and physically identical with the natural ferratin, as
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diovascular: As with other H 2 -blockers, rare reports of arrhythmias such as tachycardia, brady-
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higher than that of any other regiment since the organization of our Gov-
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his hands, by careful washing and the use of some antiseptic
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ascites dextrose agar, and from the blood by placing the sediment
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The Dispensary Treatment of Pclmonart Tuberculosis. By Hilda C'laiik, M.B.,
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including mild hypertension. Hypertension Detection and Follow-up
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In this category also may be placed the fleeting and variable oculo-
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It is a curious fact, that one of the little girls was affected with
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death. He was killed after he had been eating 30 gm. of casein daily
we desire to stimulate the individual muscle. The electric or galvanic agent must
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first of her sex to procure an English medical qualification being Miss Garrett (afterwards
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and may be confused with glucose when present in large amount. Gly-
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prejudice, greater perhaps than involves any other class of diseases.
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mucous discharge from the nose. In the early stage of the disease there
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an amount exceeding this occurs but rarely even in patients
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under deep anesthesia, in which case the central ad-
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12. Resolved: That National Red Cross Societies and their
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the rate of per cent, on his monthly pay, to be de-
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There is so much disappointment among buyers of fine
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do so. The only remedy is to supply plenty of fresh
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speech. Some are deaf; some are "blind; some labor under all these
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