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remark that sometimes the fingers are altogether in a state of exten-

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[Transl. of Linnaeus, 1741 b] <K. schwed. Akad. d. Wissensch. Abhandl.,

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Professor of Pediatrics, Physiology and Medicine and Director of the Center for Celiac Research

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would allow of our transporting to a distance with more facility and less anxi-

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daily mean average of 1,678 c.c. of urine. The diurnal amounts, however, fluc-

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their application to the steam engine. [Required of mech-

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in color, containing blood. Pus is found, if at all, in those

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the sun, but with study, men may learn to detect it in its

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whatever is eaten. The pulse is usually accelerated

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others, Weeks' bacilli, diplobacilli, pneumococci, or bacillus coli communis appeared to be the

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T. P. Shaw, M.D. In Dr. Harvey's cases the subjects had almost

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digestion continue to fulfil their functions regularly, that its

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pneumonia, the clinical variety showing a greater percentage of lobar

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fingers were dark brown, dry, and shrunken. The arm was

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deeply comatose. A pint of urine was removed by the catheter. Dr. Purser

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directed, the bath is of 20 minutes duration. The bath tub, of which there are

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creased intraocular tension, however, which was relieved