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During the prevalence of thunder-storms ozone is unusually abun-
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posite reflexes are constantly competing with each other for possession
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their quarters, so have women then* complexions the iirst.
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* For affidavit to the genuineness of these quotations, see page 501.
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fore the fifth month. Mr. Tait denies the possibility of a
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remained clear. These contained saprophytic bacterjaQ
have here a promising clue to the origin of many neu-
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painful. Examination revealed well-marked clubbing and incurving of the
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abstainers. This fact has long been known to life insurance companies, as
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Davison, Charles, A.M., M.D., Professor of Surgery and Head of Department
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follows, and furnishes the material for union by throwing out
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in the neighborhood of the heart, is brusque and sudden, like the ac-
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In certain Coelenterates the muscle cells respond a little more quickly
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latigue aggravates the disease, and the resulting prominence of
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ago (which proved to be tuberculosis beginning in the epididymis),
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the statistics of delirium tremens, his experience in the Town's
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Dr. Kaumheinter : I remember about eighteen years ago,
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shins, in the form of nodes, which vary in size and may become as large as
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SINCLAIR, Alexander D., 35 Newbury St., Boston — 1S57 — 9
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Resolved, That the Secretary cause these resolutions to be published in
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whole leaf" preparation possessing advantages of stability, uniform
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it into a basin, and leave it to cool. Take the ice, pound it
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of substance in the external layer. This appearance admits of being
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appear during the course of impetigo, showed that they
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1914, the patient noticed an area of redness of the skin of the forehead.
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way of living, training and bracing is recommended,
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culous osteitis of the tibia, which has followed a slight blow
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the child observed the friction sound which in adult cases has
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faw luch a cafe, when the limit of the cut was above
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Association ; Dr. Samuel Johnston, President of the
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(.'5) That infection takes place by way of the respir-