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tached adipose tissue. The right measures 4 x 3 x 0.5 cm. ; the left

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culture of the beets, and directions for sending samples were

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successfully, turned the musculo-cutaneous flap to the left and the

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politan, prenatal, 15; Western Union, 0. Cases carried over from last

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estimated population of 1,017,117 (population of the State

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5. The dental hygienist is an important factor in the progress of

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atrophy of the liver. This opinion will doubtless direct my

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eases 173, diarrheal diseases 297, typhoid fever (J3, diphtheria

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with the flame of a candle. With all the intermittent fever

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apparently cause the respiratory quotient to rise. Alkalies, on the other

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cally it stands near the Ragweeds, as does also the Poverty

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which enable the physician to institute immediate and detailed therapy when

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kidneys themselves or to blocking up of the excretory channels

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made in the ])hin of instruction until 182S, except that the courses

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ment with any calvaria. If you make a series of diagrams of

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seems better than to summarily dispose of every case

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brings about the self-vegulating action of the heart and lungs,

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hardly be said to have solved the difficult problem of writing a succinct

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temperature for its employment. A temperature of 105 F. in acute rheuma-

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Thus, when the physical environment is not quite satis-

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Luxation of a semilimar cartilage is an injuiy that is peculiar to

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health before operation is undertaken. The temperature should

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rapid and often irregular. The physical signs are more marked over the

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pate the lateral and vertical sinuses. But nowhere could

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tous les ans un fort volume grand in-8° d'au moins GOO pages.