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weather. A trained nurse and a helper took charge of the work,

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and the abdomen can be closed. I am quite sure that jump-

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one or more of the causes already stated in the foregoing ; or, it may

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citability of any form, whether with sensory or motor accom-

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escape these syphilides of the labial commissures."

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the rule, to use an opiate to relieve pain in these

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here we return to Striimpell's view. The changes in the

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After ten roentgen-ray treatments she showed no improvement, objectively,

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his theory of sex determination was very largely developed by his

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the House of Delegates will be called to consider the report.

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share of their incomes, and a reasonable portion of their time, in

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crown all, he has at last, according to his own admission, established, for

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Address of the President, Samuel W. Kelley, Cleveland, Ohio.

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stomach after a meal. Pepsin in from fifteen to twenty grain doses may be

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are by no means few) we shall lay before our readers in our next

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vaccine is carried to the eyes by the fingers ; contagion