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Other experiments by Corbett, in connection with the formation of

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some considerable distance from the coast, as for instance in the Shir6

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plained by their chemical composition, or, as the chemist

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Trousseau has thus caused to be prepared by Mr. Mialhe (one of the prin-

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wool covering, with proper support from retentive bandaging. If

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ing in harmony with each other for the maintenance, regen-

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should be kept out of the sun during the hottest part of

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17, was admitted to hospital Oct. 14th, 1878, suffering from

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Syphilis in Pregnancy. — ^We are of the opinion that syphilis in a

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He was unconscious for a moment then arose, vomited once and

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owing to the difficulties arising from the transportation

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Menses regular. Average weight, one hundred and fif^en

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in a marked degree; also, crei)itus and an al)normal |ioint of motion were

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that at Dorpat, Russia, all foals have verminous aneurisms ;

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ister drugs to an infant, and when it is it should always be

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dispensable. It, and it alone, affords the connecting

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immediately sent for one, and tried to persuade h«r to

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an average duration of six days, while three hundred earlier cases

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the hair once a day for 10 or VI days; then once or twice


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of one hundred subjects, in which I have endeavored to use all

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on sixteen days during the last month of the patient's life:

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mitted has long been under discussion. M. Yiennois (de Lyon) was

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carbolic acid (two grains to four ounces). The patient finally sank from ex-

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to it in which I differ from what Dr. Otis has said.

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