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feebleness, pallor, great thirst, scantiness of urine, and sometimes
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I submit, and J feel that 99% of our councillors will agree with me,
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11. Eulenberg: Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., 1896, 22, 458.
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2. Resection of turbinate is better than use of cautery, caustics, or
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was considerable hemorrhage at the time of the operation ; but the patient
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has the great advantage of being witness to the earlier manifestations of
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arrest the progress of the growth by removing all influences
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sinusoids, for here all stages of bacterial lysis could be observed in
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ing on the water bath. To the boiling solution was added, drop by
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the skin. During the half hour the acarus is killed, and the
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keeping, history and principles of agriculture, botany,
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which occurs during physiologic activity, as in active glands and muscles.
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'61082 Waring, E. J. Bibliotheca therapeutica. 2 vols.
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bitual smoking of marijuana causes lung damage and pre-
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IS, as a rule, large, but it may be of any size. It is
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sible for his acts during its paroxysms. Dr. Carpenter, in his
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many of the milder forms, and especially in the earlier
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.1.11. Wright, of Boston; Dr. .John .S. Kly, of NVw
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over $500. The plan divides payments into three equal installments. The first installment along