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complications of the disease in the epididymis, testicle, prostate, ovary,
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same remissions frequently occur without any treat-
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irregular action of the heart has been much discussed under the name
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person afifected with gravel, who has passed some gravel during
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tration. No subject in medicine has been more fully
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While resident in the Northwest, he was, "without solicitation on his
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only locally at the site of infection, where they produce substances of extra-
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jar. Season with pepper and salt, pour on a wine-glassful of
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ing the use of scopolamine have forgotten the fact that the anaesthesia
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have varied them in several respects, in order to appreciate the mech-
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fnlb* up to the present standard of chemical science.
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Purulent infection is produced artificially in the first case ; and is
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an abnormal condition of the throat leaves the hospital. Of 3,000 patients
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eral, yield more promptly to their combined use than
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cles, as those of the hand or forearm, or, in severe
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the process of parturition began to rub the sacrum to facilitate
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vat to right any that may be turned around, as the trapdoor chute is
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other method that has been widely advocated and prac-
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will, in all pfobability, excite uterine contraction, but, if it
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The first patient fell a distance of thirty-five feet. There was complete
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is preferable to the paraffin treatment; the process is ex-
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This was an interesting delivery. There was a malpresentation
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of the vital functions of the brain. As the mucous coat of the
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absolutely <;ertain that healing was HoIi«l and the aln
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baluster in such a way as to drive the acromion process of the
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with suppressed perspiration than with any other known agency ;
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in the most extraordinary fashion. For example, an advanced
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ular situation, or the circumstances of the case maj -rem to demand.
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a serious injury, inasmuch as its use caused valuable time to be
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two months. He should receive exercise during convalescence,
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can do so no longer. Should it have begun to walk, its walking
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experimentally. Single artificially-made wounds of small size recover,
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pressure rises with inspiration, yet the beginning of the rise is consid-
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urticaria annulata, a rather rare variety. Colchicum was the remedy mainly
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Comments. — Not long after the operation this man's general health
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and had four abortions. The last pregnancy was seven years
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llie lioston Sociily for Medical ImprovemenI, in wliicli Dr.
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as yet appears from experimental research, increased pro-
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edure are essential to avoid undesirable complications.
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controlled trials published in the preceding seven years. 65
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have this book and take to heart the lessons it imparts.
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authors in one article; and second, to refer to the statement of one complication
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Monkey F, Macacus rhesus. Treatment identical with that of Monkey E, except