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But the great object was the conviction of Dr. Frost ;
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school at Worcester. We have no particular preference for the Worces-
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1920. Ostheimer, Alfred J., A.B., M.D., L.R.C.P. (London),
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diagrams were made of the disposition of the viscera, and of
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have "removed most liberally all liability," &c, does not appear. We suppose
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viously failed to demonstrate any disturbances of the respiratory
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Served about eighteen months. His service terminated
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In the observation of the pulse rate of 800 cases of diphtheria the following
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which, with the social events of the occasion, filled about
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Harvey, Marc. Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics and
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life had observed man from birth to death in every condition,
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year, under certain contingencies, ought to commend
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been recorded in which more than one member of the same family has
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Lwas an absence of dogmatism in his statements, perhaps not always so
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tibia was several times operated upon before it was
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faced, healthy-looking rustics ; but if such a man come to you with a stone in
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high regard at the obstetrical society, of which he was
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painful. There was atrophy of the interossei of the
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current of medical thought, and became an integral part of the
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done. If it boils too long, or there is too much rice in it, it
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Case TIL — Mrs. K., aged 30, came to the Montreal Dispensary,
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was 115. This is a lowered pressure when one takes into consideration
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ples, those on which we can with some confideuce rely, may be so
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the other hand, the naming of the animal from which a particular culture
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followed by the treatment of intoxication, of cough,
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" Resolved^ That we transmit a copy of these resolutions to
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sons possessing little nervous vitality, or a derangement in its circu-
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the diagnosis of pregnancy, management of normal pregnancy, physiology and
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be substituted with advantage. In conclusion, Dr. Roddick said
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