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and physician, very little acquainted with theology. This volume
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ing of Christ in the garden, for there is no good reason to doubt
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several cases of remittent fever on board the merchant
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the intestinal canal with almost equal rapidity, whether they eat food
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hol, unchanged chemically, from the lungs, skiu, and
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fever 13, scarlet fever eight, cerebro-spina! meningitis seven,
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intelligence, consciousness and faculty of affection already
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ent trouble began. Had vomiting, diarrhoea, great head-
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network of the liver, moulding itself like a red blood-cell in its
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upon' the oesophagus ; an oval communication an inch in length existed between
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There may be ringing in the ears and some nausea, with
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Comparatively rare in Western Europe and the United States of America,
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in consequence of deranged action of the heart. Here our knowledge ends. The
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or stomach ; wash the mouth with it, and take inwardly
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ready to give way by ulceration. The idea of attempting
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been found far from the site of entry, and in which the symptoms have
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3. Chelton HG, Burchell HB; Unusual RST segment deviations in
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Cunningham, Thomas F. Clinical Assistant Professor of
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into the pharyn.x, and could be made to encircle but a small portion of the
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The pupils were not dilated or contracted, but could be
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chlorid in the majority of his observations in twenty-four cases of
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adequate standard of potency. But before doing this, I wish to de-
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local application because I have thought it was not a
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soon as possible. Although the gentleman's system was seriously
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contamination by dry dirt, cotton or silk or leather
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To avoid disturbing the digestion it is best to give the drug
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Alimentarii system. — Lips slightly brown at the corners; teeth not
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* Medical Gazette. New Series, vol. xiii. p. 578. London, 1851.
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with almost unmeasurable rapidity, and the decomposition products
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I have been guided by recently recovered physical phenomena
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tion, but finally she conquered all obstacles. Isis came to Rome
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The speaker described a cabinet contrived by him to afford such
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cultures obtained in 2. Diagnosis by cultures is valuable in these