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trials. The later experiences of Drs. Gull, Jenner, Bennettw

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I believe that injury is a very common cause of general paralysis, but

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The Number of Doses. — The number of doses given to each

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In addition to the ordinary degree of Doctor of Medicine,

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state of my lungs and nervous system, he assured me, that my lungs

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Remarks. — The publication of the above case may, I think,

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soporific is being given often induces sleep, hence the usefulness

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Dr. Porter, from the Committee on Gratuitous Students, reported

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the urethral mucous membrane, perhaps, anaesthetic; or

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Summary. — Foreign bodies in the air-passages are

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degree of severity, deserving the name noma, are of rare occurrence, and

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occurs without fever, although an elevated temperature is not

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bubo begins to develop a few hours after the general symptoms. (3)

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New York county will expect to bear the major portion of the burden

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ide solution, and 200 cc. water were boiled down to small bulk in an