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disease points to adrenal tuberculosis; anemia, with morpholog-

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applied. The attempt to do so would keep the profession in n constant wran-

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The Action of Strychnine and Tetanus Toxin on Reciprocal Inhibition

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tion. The cases to be cited by Dr. Lovett show what

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and quite movable. It did not interfere with the bladder or

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bowels freely. The child died on the following day.

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larger proportion than women. The reason of this fact we do not know,

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from abroad, but the most rigid inquiry has failed to

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her mother, as there was no more of the emetic ; fortunately, in one of

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having to wait a year before they could j)resent themselves for

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the skin becomes coated with dried crusts formed by the morbid

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resulted, in most cases, in an improvement in the serological findings.

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introduced himself. All the other parties were standing by

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the blow in this case was on the front of the tracheal

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freshment of the airj is put out, and as it were quenched.

sudafed oral tablet 30 mg information

and we have the marked signs of joint inflammation — namely,

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tine, is fragrant in its odor, and when mixed with milk very

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says, the cocaine is far less effective in removing the morphine symptoms

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covering is one of the most valued parts in meat-pro-

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of the left ulnar nerve, on the end of the nose, and on

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are at present justified in recognising the following :

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outer side -piece. The centre of the roller is perforated with two gim-

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may be said of pleurisy, though to a less ^extent" (p. 52.)

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no pain. In female spinal animals impregnation may occur and preg-

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Lrvret % is the kicking of the foetus whilft it is (hut

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^— — ^^^■^-^■— ■ ' ^^— ^ ^■^^.^^^-^^^ ■■■■■ ■-■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■■■! ■■■■- II ■ I ^^^^^ -^»^»^^^

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beginning on the right the men count one, two; and so on to the left.

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orders recently issued by the State Board of Health to

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of letters regarding the no smoking law. No smoking signs

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