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7. Morris: Nuclear Particles in Erythrocytes, The Archives Int. Med.,

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tion of a chronic inverted uterus by taxis in connection

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atrophied rarefied neuroglia is left, containing a few normal cells and many

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trated tlie abdomen at the linea alba, passed downward, back-

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The battle, which was suspended for several months,

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at least five minutes must elapse between the injection

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tion ot thyroid tabloids was followed by success. Cases of chronic dry

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tion, 338. 364, 387, 559: Pennsylvania State Medical Society, 62;

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service in allaying nervous irritability and restlessness. In hyper-

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water to which a few drops of the tincture of iodin, or a

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in which the nervous system is attacked from the blood-stream

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trary, implied in most cases inflammatory disease, or morbid aggrandizement

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of a temporary oculo-motor palsy a year later, no further development

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reasons for rejecting, as medicines, all poisons, mineral and narcotic, will

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