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are digested in the stomach, but the worm retaining its vitality,
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ash content to make them adequate for growth. Most of the animal foods
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vertisement in a local newspaper and by handbills, and
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and a wide zone of surrounding redness and inflammatory oedema. It is
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cause of the formation of the sclerotic patch on the optic
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projections into the lumen of the intestine, some being as large as a bean.
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from our peculiar ^'evince, if we y\'%. or recommend the douche, sitz, or
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Dr. Sands for the removal of the tongue by galvano cautery, and
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the response would be that it was not the class of animal
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"Our National Sin." An Open Letter to Preachers and Professing Christians. By a
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My mellioilM of operating are a little diff.^rt'nt from
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The depression is most marked upon the right side of the
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optic neuritis, tache c^rebrale, retracted abdomen, and irregular pulse.
sudafed sinus and pain 12 hour side effects
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Hearings were held last session, and it is likely that we will
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full sway over his every thought and act, due to a brain con-
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New York, October 25th. — About 2 o'clock the wind suddenly shifted from
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Sole Agents for ^ Ferminichs Irritation Instrument** Price $8.00.
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cruits are men whose former avocations particularly
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reported to enable the reader to form an intelligent estimate of the charac-
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upon irremediable conditions, and thus becomes incurable.
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The Kansas City Veterinary College has occupied its
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Fig. 173. — Reduction of Colles' fracture. Note grasp upon forearm and the lower
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necessary, a crucial incision is made through the capsule.
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thirty-fi\'e, with a good family history, who had been
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peared, and a bunch was discovered about three inches
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*Roentgenologic examination revealed changes in the lungs
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having so divided it, ask ourselves which of these elements
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6. The favorable effect of the hormone on the tendency of jaun-
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obliterated by old adhesion.-. This encysted cavity
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Among the sequel® most calculated to cause anxiety on