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pointed out the danger of extensively separating the disease before its removal,

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ensiform cartilage, and a spastic condition of the legs with exaggeration of

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escape of intestinal contents, as well as urine and blood,

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or any qpjrious disturbance of the renal functions, to occur as a

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G. C. Ains worth, D. D. S., 128 Berkeley Street . . . Boston.

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changed, and although there still remain irregularities in the

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After a time the patient's health greatly improved, and Dr. G. amputated at

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Lord Dudley, whom she vainly sought to obtain as a guest at Holland

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like nearly all other sutures and ligatures, is quickly absorbed

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refractometer, the readings may be made without turning the light on

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Croce at Florence, — the city being illuminated on the

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a standard work of reference, the names of the chief original papers on

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simplicity and adaptability for use in advanced areas. They