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(1804-1878), whose knowledge of pathological anatomy has probably
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your instructions. Lov-e Corrective Brassieres are available
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Robert Mattis, St. Louis (1948). Associate Members — Winfred
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ing tanks, and owing to the character of their business such tanks are not necessary.
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minds of the consumers a feeling of false security, which might lead
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500 • For intravenous injection: 1 cc. ampuls, 0.2 mg.
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Volume XI. 667 pages, with 88 charts and illustrations.
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numbers of aged insane committed that either the state
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is sent to the butter maker, a copy of it filed with the butter dealer
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taken in outstate Missouri by units under the auspices
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Health and Public Instruction (McAlester Foundation) —
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that work should be undertaken. Quantitative data will be obtained
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6. The author is indebted to Mr. H. L. Higgins, of the Department of
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The liver weighs 1550 gm. and measures 25x18x7 cm. Its surface