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muscle which forces the eye out of its proper direction.

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frequently clinches the diagnosis in obscure internal disorders. Syphilis occurs

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Geographical Distribution. The island of Malta from which this

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that of Dr. Alexander On the Use of Tobacco amp c. but as

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efficacy. We have always found that no matter how long a

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to the patient. They usually urge that they fear the discouragement will kill

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sion until ten days shall have elapsed from the date of their departure

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stomach is exposed in an increased degree to the danger

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authors believe the organism may pass through the coarser Berkefeld

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as it corresponds closely with the attitude found in many statues of

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acted on the blood diminishing its coagulability and on the

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at the same time gave instruction in anatomy and surgery.

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them as well as enjoyed but in the young during the earliest

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profitable practice is in undoing the mischief which

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accompanied by more or less fever. The rigor is followed by profuse

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duct the forceps being padded but much force must not

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infect the premises improve the sanitary conditions and prevent the intro

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Abndgti from Dr. ilacaulay s Dictionary of Medicine.

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LICAD POISONING. Of the various forms of metallic poisoning that

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and contained a foamy reticulated cytoplasm. The mesenteric lymph

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